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Approved Paving and Landscaping Specialists in Driveways Patios  and all Garden Services We will beat any genuine quote info@approvedpavingandlandscaping.com Office 01322 518 691 - 0208 485 9432 115 Caxton Close Longfield Kent  DA3 7DP Call our Team  our 1-2-1  Services Direct  We can save you money £££££ • Cleaning • Sealing  • Re-Surfacing • Levelling   And More ….. If your  driveway  is looking old and tired we can  help - Call us Mail: info@approvedpavingandlandscaping.com Mrs Wilton …   Belvedere - Kent   Approved Paving and Landscaping has installed a new Driveway for me and job was to perfection would  Recommend them 100% We Accept all  Major Credit Cards